Golf AutoScore™ services an international customer base, both directly and via international distributors. We provide golf clubs with an end-to-end solution for personal scorecard printing, automated capture of round information, tournament management, handicap management, and Leaderboard facilities.

Golf AutoScore™ surpasses it competitors by offering a unique automated scoring system. The Golf AutoScore™ scorecard keeps with the tradition of a conventional scorecard and yet includes machine-readable parts where players can mark their hole-by-hole scores, similar to marking a ‘lotto’ style card. At the completion of the round the scorecard is then be fed into an off-the-shelf card reader and the scoring information is automatically calculated and recorded in approximately 1 second.

This cutting edge technology makes scorecard entry more efficient and saves countless hours of time and effort otherwise demanded by manual entry of hole-by-hole scores.

In addition golf club members enjoy the advantages of having their personalised details such as identification number, name, handicap, and date automatically printed on the scorecard.